Planned DIY Projects

If you'd like to know how I did any of the DIY seen below, feel free to send me an email


Alter decorations

Not Started
Favors - Heart shaped sugar cookies (homemade and decorated) put into a small plastic bag and tied with ribbon that says "Happily Ever After"

Flower girl basket
Program basket
Bubbles basket
Card box
Guest book
Flower pens

Cake suckers
Thank you cards
Tissue paper pomanders
Napkin rings

Flower Girl Basket

I am having 2 flower girls and I want them to carry the same basket down the aisle. I got the basket for cheap at Michael's and the spray paint came from Wal-Mart. Also got the ribbon on sale for really cheap at Michael's.

Program and Bubbles Baskets

The picture is of the bubbles basket. The program basket is slightly smaller, but looks exactly the same. I got both baskets on the cheap at a garage sale and already had a stock pile of ribbon.


I made these using a 3" Styrofoam ball and gluing cupcake wrappers to it. I used a wooden dowel wrapped in ribbon as the stick. The pot is one my dad had laying around the house that we cleaned up and painted white. The moss rocks came from the Dollar Tree. I used a small styrofoam disc inside the pot to secure it.

Card Box

I gave my dad the directions linked above with the card box. The frames were purchased at the Dollar Tree and the lazy Susan was purchased at a garage sale. The most expensive parts were the hinges. My dad decided to use hinges instead of the brackets needed in the original directions. It worked out fine.

Flower Pens

The pens with single flowers (red or black) will be laying on the tables for people to use to fill out their advice cards. The one with a bunch of flowers will be our guestbook pen.