I've decided on tulips after reading this about their meaning:

The meaning of tulips is generally perfect love. Like many flowers, different colors of tulips also often carry their own significance. Red tulips are most strongly associated with true love, while purple symbolizes royalty. The meaning of yellow tulips has evolved somewhat, from once representing hopeless love to now being a common expression for cheerful thoughts and sunshine. White tulips are used to claim worthiness or to send a message of forgiveness. Variegated tulips, once among the most popular varieties due to their striking color patterns, represent beautiful eyes.

I would be going with reds and whites, which I think is perfect for my colors and the meanings.

If you're looking for pictures of bouquets, check out the ceremony page. Pictures of any flowers in things like centerpieces will be on the reception page.

The bouquets for me and the bridesmaids will be real flowers, while the bouts and corsages will be artificial.