For Sale - Everything Else

You'll find a little bit of everything here, from centerpiece items to baskets and bubbles. Feel free to look around, then shoot me an email if you're interested in anything.

Prices do NOT include shipping.


These have already been tied with red or black ribbon, which is easily removable. There are about, give or take less than 5, 30 with black ribbon and about the same with red ribbon.

Can be sold as whole lot or by individual color.
$6 for all black
$6 for all red
$10 for all

Red Bowls - $2 each

These are really ice cream bowls, but I used them to serve salsa. I have 9 total.

Black Gate w/candle holders $10

Comes with 4 glass votive holders that sit in holder spots. Candles not included.

Flower Pens - $10 for all

Pens have black ink and were either used just a little bit or not used at all - it's hard for me to know for sure as they were picked up at the end of the night from each of the tables. Each pen was wrapped with white floral tape to hold the flower onto the pen and are therefore a little bit sticky. The stickiness will lessen as the pens are used. There are 10 with red flowers and 19 with black flowers, so 29 total. Sold all together and as is.

Advice Notecards - $5

I have just over 100 of these 3x5 notecards. The writing going around the edge reads:

"Share with us your wisdom about marriage, love & life...the secret to being a good husband or a thoughtful, loving wife. Jot down a memory, a reminder of the day. Draw a doodle or picture if you're not sure what to say. Don't forget to sign your name!"

Sold as whole lot.