I have several ideas for centerpieces, but I'm not sure which I want yet. I will be having rectangle tables at the reception (they come with the place) so it's a matter of figuring out which ones will look best lined up down the middles.

Inspiration #1

I like how simple this looks and how it allows for the candles to be elevated off the table. However, I'm not sure where I would cheaply find so many glasses, or what I would do with so many glasses after the fact. I think it would be odd to send them home with people as favors given they'd only be getting 1 glass and they wouldn't be personalized or anything. Also slightly concerned about the possibility of the candles tipping over and being too much of a fire hazard.

Inspiration #2

I think these are my favorites thus far. I'd probably find a slightly taller container and fill the bottom with black rocks and use a red flower of some sort. Not quite sure what type of flower I'd use though. These are definitely a top contender.

Inspiration #3

I think that these might be good for going between other centerpieces, but not just a solid row of candles on heart shaped mirrors.

Inspiration #4

I think these could be adorable additions to other centerpiece ideas - perhaps even putting one of these on the heart mirror instead of a candle or something. However, they wouldn't be good with anything that has water or fire since they are paper.

Inspiration #5

I like the look of these for filling containers, but I suppose it would depend on exactly what I decided to put into the containers and what kind they were.